Our Services

Mauser electric provides the highest quality craftsmanship money can buy. Unlike other contractors we do not over charge for quality.You will get a master electrician who takes pride in their work at a fair price. We can take on small service repairs, panel replacement, custom lighting design and install, as well as complete wiring of new custom  homes. We  have been working in the electrical industry for over 20 years and still love it!
Mauser Electric is definitely a family run buisness and we take great pride in providing excellent service. Our main objective is to never lose a customer, we consider all of our customers part of the Mauser Electric family.

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  ceiling fans                                 main electrical panel         wiring pools, spas
 new circuits                                home  inspections              troubleshooting & repair
  landscape lighting                  panel restoration                gfi outlets
  1. Whole home surge protection
    A good whole house surge protection device only allows in the electricity your home needs and not unruly over-voltages from the utilty-then it protects your devices and appliances from any trouble that can occur from surges inside the house.
  2. Panel upgrade
    Your homes electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. 3 main reasons to replace a electrical panel. 1.) over 20 years old with no maintenance. 2). if you still have fuses, zinsco, or federal pacific style panel.. 3) Or you may just need more space for additional circuits.
  3. Lighting design and installation
    New indoor or outdoor lighting can be far more complicated then picking out the light fixtures To receive the attractive look and provide necessary safety requires the work of technicians with years of experience.. A poor design and installation can create major safety hazards!
  4. Panel restoration and maintenance.
    Too many people think a lack of moving parts means little can go wrong with electrical systems. In fact the institute of electrical and electrical engineers reports that the failure rate of electrical components is three times higher for systems without preventive maintenance